Welcome and thanks for dropping by.    I believe in writing tight, so here’s my fifty-word introduction: 

I’ve been a meteorologist, a covert collector of intelligence, a personnel consultant, a pilot, a ball player, an ice dancer, and I’m still a writer, retired clergyman, counselor and arbitrator.  I’m also in the fifth decade of a second marriage, have three AARP-eligible children, five adult grandchildren and thirteen great-grandchildren.   

I am not, however, the better of the other R.W. White authors, nor the well-known atmospheric scientist, Dr. Bob White, though I have a bit of symbiosis with them.  I’m getting close to the slippery slope of a nonagenarian, and am joyful at still being a productive writer, having researched, written and published eight fiction and nonfiction books over the past several years.  

I’ve lived what some have called a nomadic life, previously residing in Japan, England and eleven U.S. states; traveled around the world twice, worked on cruise ships, weather satellites and in a state prison, won skating championships and flown on a spy plane, all the while amassing a wealth of experiences that have found their way into exciting plot-lines for my stories. 

Enough about me!  I’d rather tell you how MY BOOKS came to be published: 

By autumn of 2005 two independent publishers had expressed interest in buying my first novel, Susquehanna Scandal.  As autumn turned to winter, I made an impassioned contractual query, only to learn that the interested publisher in the U.S. sold out to a nonfiction publisher and the other, in the U.K. converted to being an e-publisher.  That’s when I decided to explore Self Publishing.  Though nowhere as popular as it is today, success came quick.  Since then I’ve turned down traditional contracts in favor of staying with, and helping others have fun and success in Self Publishing.