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Hotbed in Tranquility

Hotbed in Tranquility

State Department diplomat, Will Ross, returns for a holiday visit to his hometown of Tranquility, New York, along the mighty Susquehanna River not far from Pennsylvania.  He is stunned to find the pristine hillsides covered by gas-drilling wells. Within twenty-four hours he is reacquainted with his high school flame Stephanie Hall, a successful local politician turned Congressional candidate and single mother whose son, Tyler, has fallen ill from what is thought to be contaminated well-water from a nearby drilling site.

Will is inadvertently drawn into Stephanie’s campaign. He discovers that an international energy cartel he recognizes from his work at the U.S. Embassy in London is determined to obtain control of natural gas reserves in the Northeast at any cost.  As Wills’ interest in and concern for Stephanie develops, he begins to risk all to expose the political cabal behind the cartel. Together, he and Stephanie experience growing passion and conflict before bringing their story to an unexpected and emotional conclusion. (2010)

“It is factual and well-researched.  A good read,” – State Department diplomat, Washington, D.C.

“I stayed up all night and couldn’t put it down,” – Romance writer, New York.

“The book is fabulous.  I could NOT put it down.  You are in the league with Ken Follett and Robert Ludlum, top of the class and worthy of ‘Book of the Month’ status.”  – Entrepreneur, open-ocean racer, Ontario, Canada.

“Makes for a good read on a cold winter’s night with a glass of wine,” – Journalist, Press & Sun-Bulletin, Binghamton, New York.

“Outstanding.  It brought back wonderful memories of Central New York,” – Retired CEO, Miami, Florida.

“Other than having to stop once, I read it in two sittings and never hesitated to go onto the next scene,” – Retired supertanker captain, Lakeland, Florida.

ISBN 978-0-9760500-6-3

Price $15.00