Love, Kilby

Love, Kilby

LoveKilby_150This is an encouraging story of a woman’s victory over breast cancer, based on fifteen letters written over a sixteen-month period to an ever-increasing E-mail support group of friends and family.  Kilby McGarry’s letters sensitively detail her journey as a cancer victim through the Discovery, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Recovery phases of her disease.

They tell of how she took a pro-active role as a partner in healing with her Canadian medical professionals by researching and carefully employing the benefits of herbal and Chinese medicines, acupuncture and an Indian remedy to alleviate the discomforts of chemo and radiation therapy.

While she admits that it was the generally accepted medicines that cured her cancer, her story is quick to point out how it was the alternative treatments that aided in her healing.  In addition, she persistently used her skill as an ice dancer to monitor her progress and well being.

“Positive, encouraging and well-written.  Should be in every hospital oncology unit,” – M.S., RN, Oncology Manager, Toronto, Ontario

“A helpful insight for medical students and informative book for cancer patients,” – MD Retired, Sarnia, Ontario

“An uplifting resource for nurses and students,” M.S., RN, Nursing instructor, Toronto, Ontario

“Don’t change a thing.  It’s perfect just the way it is,” – Nonfiction author, historian and freelance writer, Binghamton, New York

“I’m so grateful for the book.  She says exactly what I have experienced,” – Breast cancer patient, Ph.D., Psychotherapist, South Dakota.

“I can’t believe how much her story is the same as mine.  I’m so glad to have this book,” – Breast cancer patient, Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

ISBN 978-0-9760500-5-6

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