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Sweet Vines and Bitter Fruit


A relaxing vacation away from London with their two-year-old Sarah, now out of nappies and talking in sentences, becomes a murder-filled holiday for Francesca and Ben Hamilton. During a visit with their friend, Kate and Derek, in the preeminent grape growing and wine producing Barossa Valley of South Australia, Ben becomes involved in murder investigations between two feuding families, much to Francesca’s objections. He uncovers clues to related crimes, after which Francesca is mugged while protecting Sarah. In a fit of anger Ben attacks Francesca’s assailant and decides to inform the wily detective with whom he has been working. Together they are able to solve the murders and the Hamiltons return home. But not without Francesca yearning for the day when they will be able to have a peaceful, non-adventurous, holiday. (2014)

The Secret of Abetifi


Cash-depleted newlyweds, Ben and Francesca Hamilton, accept the offer of an expense-paid honeymoon to put their newly-obtained university credentials into practice. They agree to look into a report of an unusually large number of centenarians living in the West African mountaintop village of Abetifi. During their study they stumble upon a secret for long life, bringing them into conflict with a multi-national pharmaceutical giant already involved in the research and development of a miraculously new, anti-aging pill. What was to have been an enjoyable and risk-free honeymoon becomes a terrifying experience of life-threatening twists and turns, hurtling their adventure into a tense and exciting conclusion. (2012)


“An exciting story and fast read.  Your references to Ghana brought back wonderful memories.” – Canadian clergyman with West African experience.

“It contains great detail about Africa and the Ghanaian culture.  Like your other books, this was a pleasure to read.” – Fiction writer, New York.

“You took a complex idea and explained it in a way that made it easy to understand the Secret.” – Social Worker, New York.

“I never put it down except before reading it again a second time,” – Librarian, New York.

“You’ve done it again.  You have a fantastic ability to spin a good yarn,” – Memoir author, New York.

ISBN 978-0-9760500-7-0

Price $14.95 includes shipping (U.S.)

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Hotbed in Tranquility


State Department diplomat, Will Ross, returns for a holiday visit to his hometown of Tranquility, New York, along the mighty Susquehanna River not far from Pennsylvania.  He is stunned to find the pristine hillsides covered by gas-drilling wells. Within twenty-four hours he is reacquainted with his high school flame Stephanie Hall, a successful local politician turned Congressional candidate and single mother whose son, Tyler, has fallen ill from what is thought to be contaminated well-water from a nearby drilling site.

Will is inadvertently drawn into Stephanie’s campaign. He discovers that an international energy cartel he recognizes from his work at the U.S. Embassy in London is determined to obtain control of natural gas reserves in the Northeast at any cost.  As Wills’ interest in and concern for Stephanie develops, he begins to risk all to expose the political cabal behind the cartel. Together, he and Stephanie experience growing passion and conflict before bringing their story to an unexpected and emotional conclusion. (2010)


“It is factual and well-researched.  A good read,” – State Department diplomat, Washington, D.C.

“I stayed up all night and couldn’t put it down,” – Romance writer, New York.

“The book is fabulous.  I could NOT put it down.  You are in the league with Ken Follett and Robert Ludlum, top of the class and worthy of ‘Book of the Month’ status.”  – Entrepreneur, open-ocean racer, Ontario, Canada.

“Makes for a good read on a cold winter’s night with a glass of wine,” – Journalist, Press & Sun-Bulletin, Binghamton, New York.

“Outstanding.  It brought back wonderful memories of Central New York,” – Retired CEO, Miami, Florida.

“Other than having to stop once, I read it in two sittings and never hesitated to go onto the next scene,” – Retired supertanker captain, Lakeland, Florida.

ISBN 978-0-9760500-6-3

Price $15.00 includes shipping (U.S.)

Yours Truly, C.P. Avery


This biography gives the Honorable Charles P. Avery his deserved place on the shelves of local history.  A highly respected and admired man, he was honored for his wisdom and dedication by both his peers and the public.  As the pre-eminent historian and first elected judge of Tioga County, New York, he is credited with preserving Indian and Early Pioneer history in the Susquehanna River Valley.

In a surprise move Judge Avery left his home in Owego, New York for Flint, Michigan to undertake the legal challenge offered by a two-decade-long court case before the Michigan Supreme Court.  There he remained for sixteen years before his life took a fatal turn that brought him home for his final days.

The book includes rare images not believed to have been previously seen in print, including a 1786 Indian Lease of Owego, an 1808 pencil sketch of Owego, and an1850’s tintype of the Indian Maiden, Sa-sa-na Loft, and her family.  It is a companion book to Susquehanna Scandal. (2009)


“A literary achievement, with a nonfiction and fiction book on the same subject,” – Senior producer of NPR.

“The book shows careful research and includes illustrations and historic photographs,” – Book reviewer, Life in the Finger Lakes magazine.

“The book is well-researched with information we haven’t previously known,” – local historian and member of the board, Tioga County Historical Society.

“The author has done the community a great service by researching and writing this book on one of our founding fathers,” – community leader and Rotarian, Owego, New York.

“A well-researched and written biography on a line of our family previously unknown,” – Avery family historian, Groton, Connecticut.

ISBN 978-0-9760500-2-5

Price $19.95 includes shipping (U.S.)

Susquehanna Scandal


 Judge Thomas Averill Carter is wealthy, influential and the most eligible bachelor in Owego, New York in 1852.  Any thought of serious romance is the farthest thing from his mind until he is upended by the stunningly beautiful Sa-ku-ma Gage, eldest of a Mohawk family of touring gospel singers and story tellers.

Casting Victorian conventions aside, they allow their intense desire and passion to transcend racial and social barriers.  Conflict erupts when their love separates them from family and community, and leaves each to face the future alone as their lives take unexpected twists and turns.

Though a rewrite of history, their story is factually based, combining the legendary likes of Pocahontas with the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet.(2006)


“Historically accurate and smooth flowing, it is a must read that you won’t want to put down until you find out how it ends,” – Freelance writer, Tioga County, New York.

“An engaging story rich with historic facts,” – Retired corporate manager, Owego, NY

“A book that will hold your attention from the first page,” – New York library director

“A lively romance with a surprise ending,” – Writer and author, Ithaca, NY

ISBN 978-0-9760500-1-8

Price $14.95 includes shipping (U.S.)

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Love, Kilby


This is an encouraging story of a woman’s victory over breast cancer, based on fifteen letters written over a sixteen-month period to an ever-increasing E-mail support group of friends and family.  Kilby McGarry’s letters sensitively detail her journey as a cancer victim through the Discovery, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Recovery phases of her disease.

They tell of how she took a pro-active role as a partner in healing with her Canadian medical professionals by researching and carefully employing the benefits of herbal and Chinese medicines, acupuncture and an Indian remedy to alleviate the discomforts of chemo and radiation therapy.

While she admits that it was the generally accepted medicines that cured her cancer, her story is quick to point out how it was the alternative treatments that aided in her healing.  In addition, she persistently used her skill as an ice dancer to monitor her progress and well being. (2010)


“I finally got around to reading your book and find it not only accurate but well written,” – Kilby’s MD Oncologist and Surgeon, Sarnia, Ontario

“Positive, encouraging and well-written.  Should be in every hospital oncology unit,” – M.S., RN, Oncology Manager, Toronto, Ontario

“A helpful insight for medical students and informative book for cancer patients,” – MD Retired, Sarnia, Ontario

“An uplifting resource for nurses and students,” M.S., RN, Nursing instructor, Toronto, Ontario

“Don’t change a thing.  It’s perfect just the way it is,” – Nonfiction author, historian and freelance writer, Binghamton, New York

“I’m so grateful for the book.  She says exactly what I have experienced,” – Breast cancer patient, Ph.D., Psychotherapist, South Dakota.

“I can’t believe how much her story is the same as mine.  I’m so glad to have this book,” – Breast cancer patient, Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

ISBN 978-0-9760500-5-6

Price $10.00 includes shipping (U.S.)

The Chapel of Death


A single door securely locked, two sealed windows, a closed chapel on the hill.  In front of the altar is sprawled the first corpse, the remains of a young woman.  Behind the altar is the leathery cadaver of a young man, his head flopped over his shoulder.  A case for Chief Inspector, Maurice Pruvost, and Professor Jacqueline Mouchot, internationally-acclaimed forensic anthropologist at the Sorbonne in Paris.

The chapel of Notre Dame de la Salette sits peacefully among the ancient vineyards of the Languedoc Region.  Yet within it has occurred the brutal murders of two young lovers, behind a locked door.  Why?  When?  How?  Who?  A crime so horrid is rare in Catalan country, let alone in the quiet village of Banyuls-sur-Mer, comfortably nestled at the base of the precipitous Albères where they plunge into the sea at the eastern end of the loftier Pyrénées – the border between France and Spain.

Told by an American sociologist, Peter Phillips, friend and lover of Jacqueline Mouchot, this short story methodically unravels from the impossible to the possible, in a narrative certain to remind the reader of Agatha Christie’s famous crime-solver, Messr. Hercule Poirot.  (2012)


“You wrote a very good story with true facts about the Catalan country, Banyuls-sur-Mer and the Albères.  It made me wish I was living there again.” – Retired Corporate Secretary, Chartainvilliers, France

“A good mystery that kept my interest throughout, without revealing ‘who dunnit’ until the end.  It reminded me of Agatha Christie.” – CEO and Mystery Enthusiast

“I like your writing style.  You give the reader a lot of data and interesting facts without giving away the ending.  And you did a good job with a ‘locked door’ mystery.” – Fiction Writer, Author and Editor

ISBN 978-1-4760862-4-8

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