A relaxing vacation away from London with their two-year-old Sarah, now out of nappies and talking in sentences, becomes a murder-filled holiday for Francesca and Ben Hamilton. During a visit with their friend, Kate and Derek, in the preeminent grape growing and wine producing Barossa Valley of South Australia, Ben becomes involved in murder investigations between two feuding families, much to Francesca’s objections. He uncovers clues to related crimes, after which Francesca is mugged while protecting Sarah. In a fit of anger Ben attacks Francesca’s assailant and decides to inform the wily detective with whom he has been working. Together they are able to solve the murders and the Hamiltons return home. But not without Francesca yearning for the day when they will be able to have a peaceful, non-adventurous, holiday. (2014)

What readers said:

“I must say again, that I am ‘lost in wonder, love and praise’ for your ability to write stories.  You’ve captured our little corner of the world in your descriptions. – Barossa Valley Resident and Psychoanalyst

“What a great story.  It has all the makings of a movie or stage play.  It is well written and is a fast read.” – Educator and passionate red-pen reader, New York “As usual, you have a good plot built into an interesting story.  I didn’t want to put it down once I started reading, and appreciated how accurate all things Australian were.” – Minister and Environmentalist, Bethany, South Australia “Good story.  Full of intrigue and suspense with a great description of a part of the world I know very little about.” – Author and Librarian, New York

Cash-depleted newlyweds, Ben and Francesca Hamilton, accept the offer of an expense-paid honeymoon to put their newly-obtained university credentials into practice. They agree to look into a report of an unusually large number of centenarians living in the West African mountaintop village of Abetifi. During their study they stumble upon a secret for long life, bringing them into conflict with a multi-national pharmaceutical giant already involved in the research and development of a miraculously new, anti-aging pill. What was to have been an enjoyable and risk-free honeymoon becomes a terrifying experience of life-threatening twists and turns, hurtling their adventure into a tense and exciting conclusion. (2012)

What readers said:

“An exciting story and fast read.  Your references to Ghana brought back wonderful memories.” – Canadian clergyman with West African experience. “It contains great detail about Africa and the Ghanaian culture.  Like your other books, this was a pleasure to read.” – Fiction writer, New York. “You took a complex idea and explained it in a way that made it easy to understand the Secret.” – Social Worker, New York. “I never put it down except before reading it again a second time,” – Librarian, New York. “You’ve done it again.  You have a fantastic ability to spin a good yarn,” – Memoir author, New York.