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Susquehanna Scandal

Susquehanna Scandal

Judge Thomas Averill Carter is wealthy, influential and the most eligible bachelor in Owego, New York in 1852.  Any thought of serious romance is the farthest thing from his mind until he is upended by the stunningly beautiful Sa-ku-ma Gage, eldest of a Mohawk family of touring gospel singers and story tellers.

Casting Victorian conventions aside, they allow their intense desire and passion to transcend racial and social barriers.  Conflict erupts when their love separates them from family and community, and leaves each to face the future alone as their lives take unexpected twists and turns.

Though a rewrite of history, their story is factually based, combining the legendary likes of Pocahontas with the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. (2006)

“Historically accurate and smooth flowing, it is a must read that you won’t want to put down until you find out how it ends,” – Freelance writer, Tioga County, New York.

“An engaging story rich with historic facts,” – Retired corporate manager, Owego, NY

“A book that will hold your attention from the first page,” – New York library director

“A lively romance with a surprise ending,” – Writer and author, Ithaca, NY

ISBN 978-0-9760500-1-8

Price $14.95