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The Chapel of Death

The Chapel of Death

A single door securely locked, two sealed windows, a closed chapel on the hill.  In front of the altar is sprawled the first corpse, the remains of a young woman.  Behind the altar is the leathery cadaver of a young man, his head flopped over his shoulder.  A case for Chief Inspector, Maurice Pruvost, and Professor Jacqueline Mouchot, internationally-acclaimed forensic anthropologist at the Sorbonne in Paris.

The chapel of Notre Dame de la Salette sits peacefully among the ancient vineyards of the Languedoc Region.  Yet within it has occurred the brutal murders of two young lovers, behind a locked door.  Why?  When?  How?  Who?  A crime so horrid is rare in Catalan country, let alone in the quiet village of Banyuls-sur-Mer, comfortably nestled at the base of the precipitous Albères where they plunge into the sea at the eastern end of the loftier Pyrénées – the border between France and Spain.

Told by an American sociologist, Peter Phillips, friend and lover of Jacqueline Mouchot, this short story methodically unravels from the impossible to the possible, in a narrative certain to remind the reader of Agatha Christie’s famous crime-solver, Messr. Hercule Poirot.  (2012)


“You wrote a very good story with true facts about the Catalan country, Banyuls-sur-Mer and the Albères.  It made me wish I was living there again.” –Retired Corporate Secretary, Chartainvilliers, France

“A good mystery that kept my interest throughout, without revealing ‘who dunnit’ until the end.  It reminded me of Agatha Christie.” – CEO and Mystery Enthusiast

“I like your writing style.  You give the reader a lot of data and interesting facts without giving away the ending.  And you did a good job with a ‘locked door’ mystery.” – Fiction Writer, Author and Editor

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