The Secret of Abetifi

The Secret of Abetifi

Cash-depleted newlyweds, Ben and Francesca Hamilton, accept the offer of an expense-paid honeymoon to put their newly-obtained university credentials into practice. They agree to look into a report of an unusually large number of centenarians living in the West African mountaintop village of Abetifi. During their study they stumble upon a secret for long life, bringing them into conflict with a multi-national pharmaceutical giant already involved in the research and development of a miraculously new, anti-aging pill. What was to have been an enjoyable and risk-free honeymoon becomes a terrifying experience of life-threatening twists and turns, hurtling their adventure into a tense and exciting conclusion. (2012)


“An exciting story and fast read.  Your references to Ghana brought back wonderful memories.” – Canadian clergyman with West African experience.

“It contains great detail about Africa and the Ghanaian culture.  Like your other books, this was a pleasure to read.” – Fiction writer, New York.

“You took a complex idea and explained it in a way that made it easy to understand the Secret.” – Social Worker, New York.

“I never put it down except before reading it again a second time,” – Librarian, New York.

“You’ve done it again.  You have a fantastic ability to spin a good yarn,” – Memoir author, New York.

ISBN 978-0-9760500-7-0
Price $14.95